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Memilih Kod Bar Hak

Kod bar telah lama dimulakan sejak yang pertama diimbas pada sekeping gusi Wrigley di 1974. Hari ini anda akan ditekan keras untuk mencari seseorang yang tidak tahu apa kod bar itu. Mereka muncul pada semua yang kita beli dan kita melihat mereka hampir setiap hari.

Barcodes have expanded in not only use, but in type as well. The conventional barcode that comes to mind for most of us is referred to as the 1D barcode. They are used to identify everything in the commercial space with an encoded number. However, barcodes have evolved to be able to store significantly more data by using a variety of Format barcode 2D. FedEx and UPS use both 1D and 2D barcodes to track their packages XCHARX the first to identify the information and the other for full shipping details.

Memilih Kod Bar Hak

You may also find that your new drivers license has a 2D barcode on the back of it. Additionally, 2D barcodes have reached the mass public with recent popularity of QR codes. These barcodes have changed the way viewers interact with marketing messages and advertisements. By scanning a QR code with a cell phone, consumers are taken to videos, websites, special offers, and more.

Kebarangkalian kod bar 1D dan kegunaan barcode 2D yang baru-baru ini mungkin membawa seseorang untuk bertanya-tanya "Mana yang tepat untuk saya?" Baik itu semua bergantung kepada yang berikut:

Barcode 2D
3 / 8 "Barcode 2D, menyimpan hanya nombor

1) Jumlah data: Since the 2D barcode can hold information both vertically and horizontally, it is capable of holding much more data XCHARX 4000 characters or more! As the 1D barcode only holds information horizontally, it is limited to just a few alpha-numeric characters.

2) Saiz label: Because the 2D barcode can hold information in both directions, it can be printed much smaller than its 1D cousins for the same amount of data.

3) Speed of recognition: Since the 1D barcode only needs to be read in one direction, it is much faster to read than the 2D. Supermarkets still use the 1D barcode because scanning items is fast and easy; they get their customers melalui garisan mereka secepat mungkin.

A great example comes from one of our customers. They want to use 1D barcodes to track their assets, but also want the labels as small as possible while also including a graphic and some text. Linear barcodes (also referred to as 1D barcodes) need 1/4XCHARX white space on the left and right to be read by a scanner. For this customer, we ultimately were able to order them 3/8XCHARX X 1 1/4XCHARX 1D barcodes.

Untuk melihat sendiri bagaimana kod bar berfungsi, Barcode Generator Zint adalah cara yang mudah dan percuma untuk melihat berapa banyak maklumat kod bar jenis yang berbeza boleh disimpan, dan jenis barcodes yang berbeza. Cukup ketik maklumat yang anda ingin catat dan lihat dalam bentuk kod bar. Berikut adalah "Telaeris" dalam beberapa jenis kod bar:

Barcode yang berbeza
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